Covid Nasal Spray Vaccine India Availability, Trials, Efficacy, Price, How to Use

Covid Nasal Spray Vaccine In India Available soon. The Nasal Vaccine Trials news, Efficacy, and Price details are given here. The India Nasal Spray Covid 19 Vaccine How to Use, Availability updates. Covid-19 Nasal Vaccine in India can be the next game-changer in the race of other Corona vaccines available in India. Though in the recent PM Modi virtual addressing he shared about Nasal Spray Vaccines trials for Covid-19 and assured that by the year-end Bharat Biotech will release its first Covid-19 Nasal Vaccine in India.

Even if many of you must hear Intranasal Covid Vaccine for Corona you must not be aware of its name and effectiveness, price, availability. So here on this platform, we will give full insight that how Covid-19 Nasal Vaccine of Bharat Biotech will work and what is its Pros and Cons. Though the Nasal Vaccine in India is in its initial trials and with full successful trials, officials will announce its release by the year-end.

What is Nasal Spray Covid Vaccine India

If we start off with other vaccines working efficiently in India then only two names crop up. One is Covaxin and the other is Covishield till now. Although India has been facing a crunch for months regarding Covid-19 Vaccination. The population of India is in Billions and Vaccine doses left with India are still minimal. Thus, recently PM Modi also stated that there are currently seven pharmaceutical Companies in India that are developing Nasal Spray Covid-19 Vaccine and working on Trials, Effectiveness.

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Covid 19 Vaccine For Kids in India

Update – The first nasal vaccine developed by Bharat Biotech has been approved for Phase II trials. The Phase I trial in healthy volunteers aged 18 to 60 years was well tolerated. McMaster researchers said that spider web immune response could occur from COVID nasal spray vaccine which can trap and kill pathogens like SARS-CoV-2 and influenza. Researchers in Australia begin clinical trials of a nasal spray COVID-19 vaccine. On other hand, Russia has started testing a nasal spray of the Covid-19 vaccine in the age group of 8-12 yea, it will be ready by mid-September.

From which only two companies are in their advanced trials. Now let’s see how these Covid-19 Vaccines had worked till now. Covaxin and Covishield both are injected into the human body through syringes. For both vaccines, scientists have prescribed two doses each to an individual. It spikes the protein in the body to boost immunity thus it helps the body to fight against the virus. Now how Nasal Spray Vaccine will work? Basically, the Intranasal vaccine Covid 19 will come just like nasal drops.

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Nasal Vaccine Covid 19 Available

This Nasal Covid Vaccine In India is been developed by Hyderabad-based company Bharat Biotech. This company is also responsible for developing Covaxin too. Covid-19 Nasal Vaccine Name is BBV154. Bharat Biotech has already done the First and Second trials of BBV154 Nasal vaccine on approx 100 individuals now. The efficacy reports were satisfactory and now the vaccine is in its third trial. BBV154 Nasal Vaccine Trials will be carried for the next few months. It is expected that this Nasal Vaccine may be available for public use at end of this year.

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This vaccine will be syringe-free and will be best for children especially. As scientists have already predicted that soon in the month of November, India may face a third wave of Corona Virus which will target children the most. To protect kids in India Nasal Vaccines will be the best from the Covid-19 virus. Now the people are asking when will be Nasal Covid Vaccine be Available in India next.

Nasal Vaccine Effectiveness, Usages

Now, this will be going to be a little brief as we are here discussing Covid-19 Nasal Spray Vaccine Effectiveness. Other Vaccines are been injected by syringes. Which in the future probably increase the pollution. Covid-19 Nasal Vaccines tend to be effective more than syringe-based vaccines in the area that they are directly taking from the nose. This intranasal vaccine will protect the upper tract of the body from attacking the virus in the body. As studies show that Covid-19 virus makes a passage in the human body through the nose and then attacking the upper tract of the body including the lungs.

But on the other hand, syringe-based vaccines are not able to protect the upper tract of the body but boost the immunity in the human body for quite a long time. To which, Nasal Vaccine has not shown pretty good results. Further Covid-19 Nasal Vaccine has both components of LgG and LgA. Both components are needed to boost the immunity system in the human body.

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BBV154 Bharat Biotech Nasal Vaccine Price

Prime Minister of India also emphasized the use of Nasal Vaccine against Covid-19 for Kids especially. As you all know that it could be possible that the third wave of Corona may hit the country. So in advance preparation, the country is all set to release the Bharat Biotech Nasal Covid vaccine for kids who might get affected the most by the third wave of Covid-19. So now the parent’s curiosity is when will be the Nasal Spray vaccine available in India for Kids.

The Nasal Vaccine in India by Bharat Biotech is still in clinical trial mode. Thus the setting of price is still not released officially. Although Bharat Biotech director has given signals by saying that BBV154 Nasal vaccine will be pocket friendly and more effective than current vaccines. So, might be the price of the Nasal vaccine will be less than 150-200 Rupees in India. Apparently, Covid-19 Nasal Vaccine Availability will be by the year-end.

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FAQ Regarding Nasal Spray Vaccine Availability, Price, Efficacy

It will be only effective for Children/ Kids?

Till now the indications are like this vaccine will only be for kids in India.

Will Nasal Vaccine come to India?

Well, Bharat Biotech will soon release all the left-out details about BBV154 soon.

How to use Nasal Vaccine for Kids?

This vaccine will have a nasal which you need to put in the nostrils and press. Drops will directly move into the nostrils and then to the upper tract of the kids.

When Nasal Spray Vaccine will available in India?

It is accepted to be available from the end of this year.

For more information on the Indian Vaccines and Vaccination Programme stay with us. The Govt now provides free vaccines for all above 18 years from 21 June after online registration at portal.

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